The Kitchen is the heart of any home. Each and every family member even our guest and relative are attached with the Kitchen directly or indirectly the person working in it. From the time you wake up in the morning right through to late night entertaining. Our kitchen plays a major role. Beyond basic practicality, today's kitchen and the various elementsthat create them are also a center piece of style and innovation.

Our Vision is to design kitchens those are Elegant, Creative and should leave impression of your life style. We want to design Kitchens of your choice with the best available Kitchen Components.

Come and Visit to our Showroom. You will be treated as a special guest because we value our customers. you can visit our showroom at the following address.

UGF-9, Shivaji Complex,
Opp. Bengali Club, 51, Hewett Road,

We have a strong inhouse Team of professionals those who are experts in their areas. We also have R&D team which is working regularly for improving kitchen designs.


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Our style of Functioning

Whenever we come in contact with interested customer we try to know cooking life style, requirements, perferences of the customer.

Then our Team starts working on them and we present Total estimated budget, images and designs as per the choices of the customer. After getting approval from customer we start working on the project.


Our Projects

Our Featured Projects

We have completed number of projects and currently working on some projects.